“In sharing her own and others’ experiences of ‘nudges from the other side,’ Connaughty-Sullivan invites you to join her as a co-traveler. Whether you are just beginning your grief journey, are a seasoned navigator trudging forward, or find yourself retracing steps on a path eerily similar but uniquely different from one you’ve walked before, she is a credible guide. This book has found its way to you for a reason, whether you know it or not; Mary’s story has a message meant for you. If you read with your mind and your heart open, embracing the familiar and the foreign with equal vigor, you may encounter in these pages possibilities you want to be real, truths you know to be so, and hope that sustains them both.”

~Margaret T. Gilbride, JD, CT Assistant Professor and Director of Grief and Loss Projects at the Boggs Center, Rutgers University


Especially to a parent, Mary’s story first catapults us into groundless chasms of shock and horror; and then, as we catch our breath, the thought Thank God this didn’t happen to me and mine offers some bit of relief. But we know that her story must become ours, one way or another, as every object we hold dear eventually will be taken from us as we die. What is never lost is what we really are, or more accurately, what is us–– source, awareness, consciousness, spirit, God or whatever you choose to call it. As Mary proclaims, this book is about hope. She offers a mother’s assurance that there is a path through unimaginable loss, and by opening to the vastness and mystery of that which we truly are, that pathway illuminates ourselves and the entire world. May those in need of this message find this book.”

~George J. Felos, J.D. – George is a national expert in end-of-life cases, was a Hospice patient volunteer and Board Chair of the world’s largest non-profit Hospice, and presents Meditation for Lawyers®, an accredited continuing-education course teaching attorneys how to meditate.


“Mary’s book is a lovingly compiled testament to the connection that lives on far beyond the limits of an earthly death. It is filled with meaningful quotes and references but most importantly, the signs and messages she clearly and directly received after the passing of her son. The book will be helpful to others whether they are dealing with a loved one’s death, or simply interested in what lies beyond the veil.”

~Stormy May, Compassionate Communication With Horses


“Mary writes in the unapologetically raw way that will be immediately recognizable and resonant to anyone experiencing profound loss. By sharing unedited passages directly from a decade of highly personal journals, she courageously invites the reader into the devastation she faced with the loss of her son, and the unorthodox path she took to find healing and even a new version of happiness. Read. Weep. Smile. And heal your own losses. Mary shows us how.”

~Molly Sargent, Founder/CEO, ProImpress


“A magnificent and magical true story. Mary and Aaron’s is a rare and moving journey of love, loss, faith, wonder and transformation. Mix in an intriguing thread of divine coincidences—which Einstein called ‘God’s way of remaining anonymous’—and you have an unforgettable story that lifts you from the depths of despair around the loss of a loved one to the highest heights of hope, belief and transcendence. Every time you see a dragonfly from now on, you’ll be reminded of the eternal love woven through every glimmer of life.”

~Matthew K. Cross, CEO, LeadershipAlliance.com


Nudges from the Other Side is a guidebook for navigating the unspeakable journey of surviving the death of a child. Mary gently brings the reader through her own experience, sharing the utter individuality and specificity of each family, each child. She allows and invites the reader into her life, providing opportunity for other bereaved parents and people to find themselves in her experiences with Aaron, during his terrestrial life, as well as the ongoing relationship that she has with him still. I will be providing this book as a Book Club offering to one of the Bereaved Parents groups that I work with, and I know that it will provide immense connection and validation to those of us who also continue nurturing deep connections with our children as they navigate the ‘after’ life. Mary’s courage and commitment to follow the path that was her truth, inspires strength and persistence. Her authenticity and vulnerability are poetically shared, and this book will be seen as a ‘How To’ guide for paying attention, being aware of the signs, and refusing to talk ourselves out of them. I highly recommend this book for the bereaved, and also those who love them.”

~Stacy Morataya-Pilkington, Executive Recruiter & Moderator, Bereaved Parents of Childhood Cancer


“A well-crafted book with a lot of scope to touch the minds and hearts of readers across all ages! The subtle interweaving of emotion with reality and its dark side adds that extra touch of inspiration! Good luck to the author for the success of the book.”

~Katherine Abraham, author of Every Sunset Has A Story