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Explore insightful conversations and engaging discussions in the following lively and compelling podcast appearances. Delve into thought-provoking topics as my hosts and I share unique insights. You’ll gain a deeper understanding of my perspectives through a rich and immersive experience focusing on “Nudges From the Other Side.” Lean in for an energizing journey through diverse subjects, and let the power of words and ideas captivate your mind!

Click HERE to tune in to my conversation with Paige Lee of Transcending Grief as we explore the profound journey of healing and the transformative power of resiliency.




Click HERE to listen to my discussion with executive coach, Lynn Carnes, on her Creative Spirits Unleashed podcast #70. This one is lively and fast-paced with a decided business bent that merges practical lessons with spiritual introspection.

Click HERE for the YouTube link to my discussion with Denise Elizabeth Byron. I loved our deep, heartfelt chat, and I think you’ll also be drawn to Denise’s sweet, honest, magnetic personality.




I was honored to be a guest on Brian Bosley’s Bamboo Lab podcast, where we had an honest and rich discussion about love and loss and working through life’s twists and turns. Click HERE to listen.



My publisher, Stephanie Larkin, of Red Penguin Books, did a 30-minute spotlight on my book HERE. Scroll down to Episode 12 from 11/22/23 to listen and learn more about the writing process and the journey that led me to publish my memoir.


Click HERE for my very first podcast with my publisher, Stephanie Larkin, from Red Penguin Books. I’m the first author in the lineup, and there are some interesting nuggets in this show.