Nudges From The Other Side

By Mary Connaughty-Sullivan

After losing my only child to a fatal car accident, my world was upside down. I began writing as a self-comforting mechanism, and I journaled not only my thoughts and feelings, but all the unlikely and mind-bending ways in which I felt certain my son, Aaron, was nudging me from the Other Side. Whether you too have experienced loss, or are merely (or intensely) curious about the afterlife, it is my hope that this raw, but tender–-and even sometimes humorous–-account of my own extraordinary grief journey will bring you comfort, hope, and peace. This book might just change your life.


When asked to provide biographical info, my first sentence typically is, “I’m a mom.” To say that Aaron was and is important to me is an understatement. I consider him my foremost gift and trust that in providing our unique story to readers, you also will receive a gift.

I grew up in a small Midwestern town and enjoyed an active outdoor life during an era when life was slower and simpler. I describe myself as a lifelong learner, and growing up I was fortunate to be encouraged and unrestricted by my parents to read anything and everything that interested me. My love for words, language, and stories persists to this day.

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